With the assigned landmark in the history of design, the poster is designed to translate its significance in the development of graphic design. The inclusion of the essay dedicated to the specific designer of the landmark respectfully intends to describe the subject's historical importance. 

POSTER AT 16x32”

Twen by Willy Fleckhaus was groundbreaking in its design ideas, innovative usage of photography and full use of the advanced printing methods that made Twen a leader in magazine layout and design.

An exerpt: ‘Twen also varied vastly from other works with its heavy usage of solid black in both its covers and spreads. Fleckhaus was the first to utilize this inverted style of white text on bold black backgrounds. Though it may seem to be a common design element today, it was groundbreaking at the time. With its heavy use of black, Twen was the first publication to use “a blue “shined” ink underneath process black to give richness to the page” (Raimes 146). “Twen’s excellent color offset and black and white gravure were gorgeous compared to cheap American letterpress color printing at the time...”(Will Hopkins).’


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